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Original office artwork that tells your story
and supports a great mission.

Attention businesses, corporations and community organizations commission original artwork that tells your story and supports a great mission.

Imagine in your office a beautiful and original piece of artwork completely unique to company’s brand, message and style. VSA Colorado/ACCESS Gallery can make this possible through its ArtWorks program. We connect you with an ArtWorks team of artists and bring your workspace, guest space, or client space to life.

Commissioned art pieces can be made to suit any type of work environment and any size space including: lobbies, offices, health care/medical facilities, bars/restaurants, galleries, hotel rooms, conference spaces, community centers, military facilities, and more.

Commission today a completely original and unique artwork that reflects your company’s brand, message and style.  VSAC offers three styles:

  • Photo mosaic interpretations of your building or your products
  • Word Paintings using generated word list from you or your clients
  • Contemporary art utilizing your companies collateral materials, or client portfolio samples

When commissioning artwork with VSA Colorado you are creating more than art. Money earned through the commissioned art project goes to the ArtWorks program and to our students. Commission your piece today!

Check out photos of work being created here

See Pieces being made for CoBiz Bank and Gensler Architecture Firm with  Lead Artist Michael Gadlin 

Click here to download a PDF that explains Artworks Corporate Venture.

All artwork can be custom sized to fit your space. Call Damon at 720-878-2226 to get a quote. VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is an inclusive 501c3 nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening its doors and offering creative educational opportunities to people with disabilities.

All the artwork is created locally at the VSA Colorado/ACCESS Gallery at 909 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204 in the Santa Fe Art District. Commissioned artwork fees are tax deductible.

Click here to order your commissioned artwork

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