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Cast of Characters

Show culminates Summer 2016 Internship Program

“A Cast of Characters”
September 4 – First Friday Reception

At Access Gallery in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District

This show is the culmination of our Rosemary Kennedy Internship Program. During the Summer, 17 young people with disabilities spent time with us exploring a wide variety of themes. During our first week together we realized we really had a cast of characters on our hands. One thing that became very clear was that our students loved two things: first, creating art and second, comic book characters. We decided to embrace this love for animation and put these creative juices to work creating our own epic comic story. We worked with local comic book legend Stan Yan to develop a story based on our students’ characters and ideas.

We started everyday sketching, usually the human form. We quickly realized we had some incredibly talented artists on our hands and decided to expand our pet portrait project to include people. Each Thursday afternoon our students worked with Niza Knoll and Aleky McCain on portraits of people – themselves, each other, super heroes and famous people. We think the results are quite amazing, we hope you agree. If you are moved and want a portrait of yourself or a loved one please let us know.

See our facebook photo gallery of show being created here. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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