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Yoda and the Grasshopper

Main Gallery – Yoda and Grasshopper

Meet the Artist Reception – November 20, 2015

First Friday Reception – December 4, 2015

Closing Reception and Holiday Party – December 18, 2015

Yoda and Grasshopper – This show is the result of an unlikely collaboration between two of our ArtWorks artists – AJ Kiel and teaching artist Josiah Lopez. AJ is a fixture at Access Gallery and is one of our most prolific and mobile artists. It is not unusual for AJ to travel 20 or more miles any day. He seems to intuitively know bus routes, has a fascination with trains and will stop whatever he is doing when a large truck rolls by. AJ creates wonderful characters from his imagination and his exploits around Denver. Over the years AJ has developed a signature character we lovingly call “light bulb head dude”. This series of works takes the dude to new heights both in terms of size and scale.

In stark contrast to AJ’s frenetic energy, his hopping from place to place and task to task, our friend Josiah Lopez is a composed, well known muralist in Denver. Josiah’s quiet nature and gentle approach has allowed him to reach some of our most spirited students. Josiah loves Star Wars and all the imagery that goes along with it.

When we challenged AJ to go big or go home, we found the perfect mentor/partner for him. This show features work from AJ, Josiah and a few of their collaborative pieces thrown in for fun. I fully realized I was mixing characters from Star Wars and Kung Fu, but with this particular collaboration it made perfect sense. Thank you Yoda and Grasshopper. .  Check out work on our Facebook Page

Damon McLeese

Executive Director

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