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99 Pieces 2013

99 Pieces of unique, stimulating, eye-catching, eye-popping, gotta-have-it art from artists far and wide! The art ranges from $50-200. Open your heart and buy some art! Doors open at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $9.99 at the door or http://vsacolorado99pieces.ezregister.com/ Visit https://www.facebook.com/VSACAccessGallery/ for event information, artist connections, and to preview photo galleries. VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization

Art-O-Mat VSA Colorado

Art-o-mat in the news

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is pleased to host Colorado’s first Art-O-Mat machine. The Art-O-Mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend original, affordable and accessible art. Each piece of art from the machine is an original pocket sized piece. There are over 100 active Art-O-Mat machines across the country. What an

Get your tickets now for 99 Pieces of Art!

It’s time for the last hurrah of summer! It’s also time for VSA arts/Access Gallery + Studio’s annual fundraising event, “99 Pieces of Art on the Wall.” This year promises to be even more exciting! Our goal is to continue to make this event fun, memorable and accessible to all art lovers. Each participating artist is provided

Artworks Program

Artworks provides a variety of supports, including: studio space, professional mentoring art supplies, opportunities to connect with the community and make money. Individuals and companies alike can commission Artwork Artists to create murals, photo mosaics, mono prints, original works, art-o-mat additions, pet commissions and more. Help us make meaningful impact in the lives of young people today.

Vote for us!

As an important supporter and friend of the mission and work of VSA Colorado, I am asking for your help to raise $500 for art supplies and fees for our teaching artists. It is as simple as: Clicking here! * login or register to vote on our entry by clicking either link below the picture

Exploring Barriers

Exploring Barriers

Our new show called Exploring Barriers, featuring abstract paintings by Clark Barker. Clark is a talented painter who captures the quality of the dream state in this work.  An excerpt from the artist’s statement: “In September of 2009 I had a dream about my father. He committed suicide 32 years ago in 1979. A couple