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Access Gallery Programs


VSA arts of Colorado, the affiliate organization for Colorado offers diverse educational opportunities for students of all ages with and without disabilities. Our programs utilize the unique resources from our national office—which include Start With the Arts, Arts for All and Express Diversity. These programs use arts-based learning and teaching strategies to ensure that all students, including students with disabilities, can learn from and enjoy the arts. Our programs promote disability awareness. VSA is metro Denver’s ever evolving resource for children with disabilities, their families and educators.

Find out more about our programs below.

Community Workshops

VSA Colorado offers a variety of art and learning workshops. Are you looking for an affordable and unique opportunity for your students to experience the arts in context of what they are studying in the classroom? Then these workshops are for you. All workshops aligned with specific state educational standards and are led by a trained facilitator. This is a joint effort of VSA Arts of Colorado and the Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (CHAC).

Arts For All

The ARTS for ALL program is made up of one-of a kind products that offer individuals of all challenges an opportunity for creative expression through arts and mobility. Art tools are designed so that participants with limited movement or lack of fine motor skills can be successful in using what mobility they have to create, paint, draw, print, and more.

Artist in Residences

Dots and Blobs, I Am and Pint Making, and our Pet Portrait are all recent Residences.  Our Artist in Residence program is focused on furthering our mission by deepening the classroom and studio connections between our gallery programs and local schools.

Community Art Day

Join VSA Colorado/Access Gallery in opportunities for children and adults to learn through the arts.  Community Art Days take place one various Saturday every month from 12 -3pm, and is often free and open to the public. Events coincides with the current art show at Access Gallery and gives each person a chance to explore creative artistic expression as well gain understanding about various disability issues.  Check out our current schedule.