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ArtWorks Artist

I love creatures, nature, science and mythological forms. I love to create things that are not real, things that have their own stories and that come out of nowhere. I want my creatures to not be seen as scary but as good things. They fight evil and they are protectors. I see my creatures as part of a book. I want people to respect how important it is to protect our natural things.  I get a lot of my ideas from nature, and I want to be protected like my creatures. I have always thought nature was important. I want people to see the world I created for these creatures and learn from it. I want to guide my creatures to a better life. I want my art to always have a story in the world I have created.

Adam is one of VSA Colorado’s newest artists and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He tells us his autism makes him who he is and he would not want to be anyone else.   One day, he hopes to make enough money of his artwork to move out on his own. 

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery (VSA) is a community-based nonprofit organization located in the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver, Colorado. VSA engages the community by opening doors to creative and educational opportunities for young people with disabilities to access and experience the arts. Individuals in the ArtWorks program gain confidence, art skills and job skills. With 70% of people with disabilities unemployed and many living at or below the poverty level, the ArtWorks program helps change the economic equation for the participating artists. ArtWorks artists can be commissioned to create a variety of original works.