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Aliki McCain


     Aliki is a Denver artist who built ArtHaus gallery in Denver.  She oversaw the running of ArtHaus Gallery for five years.  She currently houses her creative space at 910 Arts in the Santa Fe Arts District.  She obtained her Masters of Fine Art and her Bachelors in Art History at University of California Irvine. 

      Aliki studied as a photorealist drawer but currently challenges herself to see things abstractly and solve problems organically in the painting process.  “Recently I have found that painting is a process which allows me the freedom to find peace and balance while I walk amongst the daily challenges in these complicated times.” As an artist she is interested in the human condition and examines these relationships in her work. “I enjoy working with Access Gallery and believe in the mission of  VSA.  The artistic expression that exists in each of us deserves to shine into the community and  VSA allows this to happen through its commitment to all students regardless of their challenges.  What I put into VSA I receive tenfold.  It is a privilege to work with such talented artists.”