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Ann Cunningham

Ann Cunningham is a stone sculptor who focuses on tactile art or art that is accessible through touch. She has been teaching art at the Colorado Center for the Blind since 1999.
Artist Bio:
Ann Cunningham is an award winning author, artist, and innovator recognized by; the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Denver Botanic Gardens and the National Federation of the Blind. Her work spans these diverse areas as she develops connections for people to fine art through touch. Her tactile artwork can be seen in public works of art across the United States and into Canada.
She works in bronze and stone, durable materials, that can stand up to the rigors of many hands exploring the surface for meaningful information. Ann began investigating tactile art in the early 90’s and received her first public artwork commission in 1998 for the State of Colorado, Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. Since then she has completed a number of significant projects including a second commission for Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, the Iowa Department for the Blind, the County of Santa Cruz, California, a life-sized monument of Carolyn Morton for the Arbor Day State Park, and three exhibits for the National Federation of the Blind, Baltimore, Maryland.
Cunningham passionately believes that tactile access to properly formatted art can play the same role for people who are blind that visual art plays for people who are sighted. She states, “As we communicate increasingly more information through images, it is becoming increasingly important that all people have access to that imagery to understand cultural references and complex information.”