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ArtWorks Artist
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    Since 2011

I have the curse of imagination.

I started when I was 3.

I started drawing when I was 5.

I gave up when I was 11.

I tried again when I was 12.

I started my Czar series project when I was 15.

I started my Dark Hard Core series project

when I was 16.

I joined VSA when I was 16.

I rebooted Dark Hard Series project at 17.

I started hating humanity and life at 18.

I started stressing out at 19.

I draw and write to share my ideas with the world.


Jareth has been an Artworks Artists at Access Gallery since he was 16. Using his primary medium– pen, pencil and lined paper– he invents unique characters of people, animals and intriguing alien beings. Each character drawn has its own elaborate accompanying story. Jareth is a sensitive soul, and often arrives at the gallery very concerned about frightening news he has heard the night before. His work bubbles up from the deep recesses of his compassionate mind where he can take on the evils and injustices of the world. With his deeply caring nature, his art becomes the place where he can address what is wrong with the world. With art, he can focus his mind, calm his stress and cope with the challenges of his life. Jareth has autism, lives below the poverty line and has experienced a difficult home life. Yet, he is the first to open the door for someone in need, or to interrupt his own work to comfort a distressed artist. Jareth’s work at Access Gallery includes collaborating with professional artists, working on commissions, designing pieces for the Art-O-Mat, assisting in workshops and creating his own art. He specializes in character illustration and story writing. Jareth’s dream is to finish and publish his Dark Hard Core story series. In 2014, He won VSA’s Yo Soy…Je Suis…I Am… The Future children’s art competition and had his work on display at The Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit that engages the community by opening doors to creative, educational, and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience and benefit from the arts. Located in the heart of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, it features innovative exhibits that utilize nontraditional materials and methods to create art that is accessible and affordable for all. Access Gallery provides year-long programming including ArtWorks that brings economic opportunity to young adult artists with disabilities, Community Workshops that bring artistic exploration to underserved populations, and Access Education that teaches inclusive practices to our greater arts community. For more information, visit us at  www.accessgallery.org.