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ArtWorks Artist

I create Pokemon and other comic figurines using masking tape and Sharpies. I enjoy Pokemon characters the most. The first pieces I ever made were out of clay when I was a kid in school. It struck me that masking tape would be a good material to use to create figurines. I use Sharpie to color the figures. The first masking tape figurine I ever made was Pikachu.

Jose has been working in our Artworks program for the past five years.  He comes from a low-income background with no extra money to buy toys; he learned to make them on his own using masking tape. His attention to detail is amazing and can make anything upon request.

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery (VSA) is a community-based nonprofit organization located in the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver, Colorado. VSA engages the community by opening doors to creative and educational opportunities for young people with disabilities to access and experience the arts. Individuals in the ArtWorks program gain confidence, art skills and job skills. With 70% of people with disabilities unemployed and many living at or below the poverty level, the ArtWorks program helps change the economic equation for the participating artists. ArtWorks artists can be commissioned to create a variety of original works.