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Tony Ortega

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My experiences as a community artist has resulted in many meaningful relationships with compassion and respect. My commitment to the community and the improvement of social institutions demonstrates my dedication to lifelong learning. In order to achieve this perspective in my work, I am involved in the community in a wide range of activities and with a variety of organizations and individuals. I have work with VSA Colorado Access Gallery and their members in the creation of art to further develop my belief that art belongs to everyone. The process of creating art encourages participants of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to collaborate, develop friendships, and learn from each other while developing their creative skills. I believe that people involved in the process of creating art feel an ownership and are proud of their work. My enjoyment of working with VSA is witnessing kids, teens and adults sharing their art with their families and friends. Art reflects the needs, hopes and dreams of the community and individuals. VSA Colorado Access Gallery is a bridge to those needs, hopes and dreams and is an integral part of the Denver arts community and I am happy to be part of that creative process.