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We Make Great Pets

Led by artist in residence Niza Knoll and supported by VSA artist Andy Brzeczek and Javier Flores our Artworks Artists having studied composition, color theory and balance can bring to you a beautiful picture of your beloved pet.

The current portraits on display are to be used as examples of the style of each young artist. Individuals can commission any one of our artists to paint a portrait of their pet based on a photograph. This is a perfect gift for any animal lover. Portraitsstart at $60 and can are usually completed within two weeks of the date that the picture is received.The goal of this program is to develop, implement and support arts integrated education and employment programs for teens with disabilities. The portraits are as diverse as the teens that created them. Each has a personality and a style all their own.

We love all animals and as an inclusive organization we do not discriminate. You can commission a portrait of your dog, cat, hamster, snake or monkey. Our artists are encouraged to use their creative talent, therefore understand that the painting you are ordering will be an interpretation of your photograph. There are no refunds on commissioned paintings.

Artworks Artist are available to commission individual pieces as well. Check out individual commissions facebook gallery. 

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